After Four Decades this Community Garden Closes for Good

Posted on Jan 2 2016 - 2:59pm by UOG

pacific+beach+community+gardenAfter four decades, San Diego’s Pacific Beach Community Garden has closed for good but there is hope.  “…The end of the garden does not mean the members will stop exercising their green thumbs. They are hoping to section off a portion of land in De Anza Cove to create a new garden. They will also turn to their neighbors for help.

“The gardeners are the real seeds,” said Gandolfo. “Us gardeners are going to fan out into the community — whether it is De Anza in a few years, whether it’s somebody’s neighborhood, front yard/back yard in the next couple of months — and we’re the ones taking the garden to new places here in Pacific Beach.”

The gardeners are volunteering to plant and tend new gardens for any neighbor willing to donate his or her yard.”

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