Farm in a Box. The ‘Swiss-Army knife’ of sustainable farming.

Posted on Dec 3 2015 - 5:40am by UOG

It’s pretty cool how people can use shipping containers.  We’ve seen people use shipping containers and transform them into homes, hotels, business.  In fact, here is an amazing collection photos of how people have used shipping containers.  People sure are creative!  And best of all, the containers aren’t all that expensive.  The possibilities are truly endless.

In fact, now a company has gone so far as to use them to create: MICRO-FARMS! says, “Shipping containers already make great micro-homes, but one California-based company is using shipping containers to create micro-farms. Farm from a Box is a complete, small-scale farming toolkit that includes everything you might need to produce your own food. Each box comes in 10-, 20- and 40-foot units and is pre-installed with a photovoltaic system comprising of 10 high-efficiency solar modules, off-grid inverters, a transformer and distribution box and deep-cycle batteries for energy storage. The array is backed up by a 3,000-watt generator.”

Farm from a Box is a modified shipping container with a built-in WiFi, irrigation system, solar panels, weather tracking devices, batteries and more. It also contains seedlings, farming equipment and a training program to provide communities with the tools the need to feed themselves. Photo credit: Farm from a Box goes on to say, “…It’s also equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting, secured storage, a mobile charging area, Wi-Fi and a remote monitoring solution. Oh, and seeds and farming tools of course. Each unit is capable of producing crops for one hectare of land (2.47 acres), the company says.”

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