Changing the Focus to the Importance of Growing Your Own Food

Posted on Aug 6 2010 - 3:42am by Mike Lieberman

I am going away on vacation and this will be my last post until August 30, 2010. Please do your best to get by without me.

I have been thinking about changing the focus of this blog to include more about the importance of growing your own food.

For the past year plus this blog has been about growing your own food and how to do so, which it still will include. I want to write and discuss more about the importance of growing our own food, what’s involved in it, the growing, harvesting, sharing, preparing and still focus on the how to part as well.

I’ll cut back on this site as a journal for exactly what I’m doing and only mention the cool things (which will be difficult since everything that I do is so cool) and projects.

This will help to expand the site to give reasons why it’s important to grow your own food and how you can grow your own food. One plant. That’s all you need to grow to make that difference.

Hit me up with your thoughts on this direction. If you likes. No likes. Would like to see other topics. The same. Lemme know your thoughts, and I’ll get at it when I gets back.