Yellow Plant Leaves: Use Coffee Grinds

Posted on May 21 2010 - 3:46am by Mike Lieberman

The leaves around the base of my kale and lettuce plants are yellowing around the base. I’ve used coffee grinds as a fertilizer to help with this issue.

I think two of the main culprits causing the yellowing leaves could be lack of drainage for the soil or nutrients. I don’t think it’s drainage because there are plenty of drainage holes drilled at the bottom of the self-watering containers.

That leaves me with lack of nutrients as the reason. Coffee grinds are a simple and cheap way to provide the plant with the nutrition that it needs.

If you don’t have grinds around the house, go to your local cafe and ask them if you can have theirs. Most should gladly give them to you. If not, screw em and go to another.

I sprinkled some of the grinds around the base and soil. To make sure that the nutrients are absorbed, I poured (gray) water on top of them. If it was going to rain, I could’ve left the container out and let nature do it’s thing.

What are some other ways to help with yellowing leaves?