Watering The Urban Kinder-Garden

Posted on Feb 17 2010 - 6:02am by Mike Lieberman

After checking in with Miss Avalos and the Urban Kinder-Garden, the kids showed me how they watered and tended to their garden.

Before they watered the garden, they filled me in on what’s been going down with the garden since I last saw them.

“Some of the plants died, but we got more in and they are still growing,” one student told me.

That comment was followed up with, “The plants are pretty.”

And, “The plants are super big.”

When Miss Avalos asked her class if they thought that they are going to have enough for a salad soon, they answered with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Table One is in charge of watering the garden this week and took me outside to show me what’s up.

The kids took turns using the rain water that they harvested to water the plants. They shared their favorite plants with me as well. The red leaf lettuce, kale and peas were some of the top.

When I asked them how soon until they thought that they were going to get a salad, the number of days ranged from 20 through 100. We’ll just have to wait and see.