Urban Kinder-Garden Workshop Day 2

Posted on Dec 4 2009 - 5:53am by Mike Lieberman

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The second day of the Urban-Kinder Garden Workshop with Miss Avalos’ class was the real fun because I got to work with the kids on planting everything. No offense to the parents, I totally enjoyed my day with them making the containers too.

We started the morning off by going over the vegetables that we were going to be planting and talking about the various parts of the plant. The class was most fascinated with the roots.

I then showed them the worms that we were going to use for the compost bin, which got the biggest response.

I demonstrated how to fill the container with the soil and fill it with water.

The parents and kids were then divided up into groups to plant. Each group was assigned two containers with two plants per container. The kids dove into the soil hands first and started to fill the containers.

After everything was planted, I set up the worm compost bin for the class. I explained how the worms take the newspaper and food to make the soil and how it keeps those items from the landfill.

The kids screamed and cheered when I finally dumped the worms into the bedding. The food scraps were then divided amongst the kids to put into the bin.

At the end of the day there were about 15 self-watering containers filled and six hanging soda bottle planters.

All said and done we planted red leaf lettuce, mesculin mix, swiss chard, peas, green onions, red peppers, basil, parsley, stevia, dill and chocolate mint.

I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with Miss Avalos’ class and expecting updates as their garden continues to grow.

My favorite comment of the day was from Zackery who said, “You’re a good gardener.”

Who am I to argue with him?