Finding the Best Way to Remove Bolting Vegetables

Posted on Aug 12 2009 - 3:00am by Mike Lieberman

The lettuce in my self watering containers have bolted. I needed to figure out how to remove them from the containers, so I can plant another round of vegetables.

I’ve read of two different ways of removing the bolted plants. The first is to remove the plant from the root. The other is to cut the plant at the soil line.

To find out which way was better, I decided to do both to see the results. In the containers that there were no other plants, I pulled them from the roots. The containers that contained other plants, I cut at the soil line.

Once the plants were removed, I added a little bit of compost to them.

I’ll leave them alone for a few days to if the plants continue to grow before I get my next round planted.

Which way do you think will work better?