Five Things I Learned About Planting Vegetables

Posted on Jun 3 2009 - 5:00am by Mike Lieberman

This whole experience is all new to me, especially the part about actually planting. Here’s five things I learned about how to plant vegetables in a self watering container:

Be gentle. Pop the vegetable out of it’s cell. Push it from the bottom and gently pull out.

There are many plants in a cell. A lot of the cells contain multiple plants, so you have to thumb around the soil line to see the separation of the plants.

Pry apart with thumbs. Use your thumb to gently pry them apart. You’ll wind up breaking up some of the roots, but don’t worry. Be gentle.

Plant deep enough to secure plant in soil. Once the plants are separated, dig a hole about 3-4 inches in the soil (depending on the plant) and insert the plant.

Support plant with soil Cover it with soil and make it compact to support the plant.

Check this video on how to plant celery in self watering containers.