How to Identify and Prevent Bugs and Diseases in Your Urban Garden to Keep It Healthy

Something is killing your vegetable garden and you’re not sure what.

There are just holes in the plants or dead ones.

You need help identifying the problem, controlling it and preventing it from happening again without using toxic chemicals.

The articles compiled on this page will help you to do just that with the most common pests and diseases found in urban vegetable gardens.

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Why Using Non-Toxic Methods for
Pest and Disease Control is Smart

Here’s the deal:

You have your own vegetable garden and some unfriendly friends have decided to make your garden their lunch…

…Or some disease has struck your garden and starting to wipe out what you are growing.

Your initial reaction might be to do anything you can solve the problem, but that might not be your best option.

Think about it, why would you want to put a potentially toxic substance onto your food to wipe out a pest or cure a disease and then eat that?

Doesn’t make much sense to me.

There are less toxic ways to get rid of the pests and restore your garden back to health.

Identifying Pests

How to Control Pests

And there is plenty more to come…