Why You Should Garden and Grow Your Own Food: Reasons and Health Benefits

The grow your own food movement is pretty trendy right now.

And, why not?

It’s a great way to reconnect with nature and get your hands back in the earth (even if you are container gardening).

But why should you dedicate your limited time, effort and space to growing your own food?

You can read a bunch of reports and studies as to the benefits, but I’ll present you with some simple reasons and health benefits as to why you should start gardening and growing your own food.

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Why Growing Your Own Food is
Smart for Everyone

All of these reasons come are simple to understand and won’t require you to wade through charts, graphs and reports.

They aren’t mired in details and double-blind studies. The articles are based on a common sense approach that you can easily relate to.

Interested? Then here they are:

That’s just the start…

…There are more reasons to come and I’ll be sharing the health benefits of gardening and growing specific foods as well.

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