Simple Garden Recipes: How to Create Dishes from Your Garden

So you’ve been growing your own food and enjoying your harvests.

But you are bored of the same dishes over and over again.

If you eat another salad, you are going to lose it.

You just need some inspiration for new dishes and how to use what you’ve grown. I can help you with some simple to make dishes.

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The Basis for Creating Dishes

Before we get into the recipes, here is a tip that I read in creating dishes that has helped me.

You want to make sure that there is a balance of the five major flavors in each dish sweet, bitter, sour, salty and spicy.

Based on the dish you are making, will determine how much of each flavor you want. You might not want a ridiculously spicy dessert. Just saying.

Now onto the most popular garden recipes that I’ve shared:

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