Why Not to Use Chemicals in Your Garden

Posted on Oct 25 2011 - 2:36am by Mike Lieberman

We already know some of the effects of chemical gardening and why organic gardening makes sense, but I posed an open-ended sentence on the Urban Organic Gardener Facebook page that said, “I don’t use chemicals in my garden because ___.”

Over 70 comments were left by people giving their reasons why. All of which were simple and to the point. Most of the responses mentioned not wanting to eat the chemicals and respecting wildlife and the environment.

Here are some of the comments that were left:

Carolyn Madison said…“because I do not want to eat chemicals – Chemicals create toxic food!”

Missy Gullickson said…“if a bug won’t eat it, I won’t either…”

Randy Smith said…“I don’t like to eat stuff that has skull and crossbones on the package.”

Roberta Clay said…“I don’t use chemicals in my garden or on my farm, because it can harm or kill my bees, the wildlife, the earth and anything the land produces!!!”

Matthew Lee said…“‎…they harm my family and ultimately impede the sustainability of my farm.”

Michael Van Varenberg said…“‎ i like pulling weeds.”

Pam Howe said…“…cancer sucks.”

Michele Dangelo said…“My kids eat the food.”

Lynn Johnson said…” i already have more than enough unwanted chemicals in my life–in the air i breathe, the water i drink, the food i eat…”

Urban Hillbilly said…“Really I don’t use chemicals because I almost lost my 2 1/2 yr old baby to appendicitis. Not one doctor could tell me why someone so young got so sick….I fed her good food but it was NOT organic… SO this is how I became the Urban Hillbilly.”

Robin Gwen said…“I like to squish bugs.”

Deanna Rolfe Dunn said…” I don’t want to eat chemicals – there’s enough stress to our bodies without adding to it!”

What are some other reasons not to use chemicals in your garden?

Photo courtesy of andypowe11