Incredible Vertical Skyscraper Could Feed an Entire Town

Posted on May 21 2017 - 4:40am by UOG


“Part of the tower would be made of modular pieces, which would allow it to be taken apart and transported somewhere else. (Though, the designers do not say how long that process would take.)

‘When farmers improve their harvests, they pull themselves out of poverty. They also start producing surplus food for their neighbors. When farmers prosper, they eradicate poverty and hunger in their communities,’ the designers write.

Though the share of Africans living in poverty declined from 56% to 43% from 1990 to 2012, many more African people are poor today due to population growth, according to a recent World Bank report.

Today hunger and poverty may be only African matter, but the world’s population will likely reach nine billion by 2050. Scientists warn that this would result in global food shortage,” the designers write. “Africa’s fertile farmland could not only feed its own growing population, it could also feed the whole world.”

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