The WTF Food News for June 2011

Posted on Jun 13 2011 - 2:56am by Mike Lieberman

I am gonna start to write a new monthly post and call it the “WTF Food News.” In the post I’ll highlight some food stories from the previous weeks that make you tilt your head, curl your brow, lift your shoulders and make that face like you thought you had to fart, but something else came out.

So here is the first installment:

Care2: Is China Manufacturing Plastic Rice?
This article is citing a source that was in Korean, but the sad part is that it isn’t out of the realm of being completely viable. If it’s cheaper to produce and people will buy it, why not produce it? It’s only available in one small town or village, but that doesn’t mean it won’t spread beyond that.

What is up with China and producing toxic stuff, there was the toys that had toxic lead in them, now plastic rice. What could possibly be next?

Business Insider: China Genetically Modifies Cows To Produce Human Breast Milk
Pretty smooth segue, huh? Not sure the point of, who would consume and why one would even do this, but some Chinese farmers think it’s a good idea. FDA admits supermarket chickens test positive for arsenic
I don’t know of anyone that would willingly ingest arsenic. If the FDA is admitting to there being some levels in supermarket chicken, then the problem must be bad.

Huffington Post: Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World’s Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Finds
Sadly enough this story doesn’t surprise me too much – the fact that Round-Up causes birth defects and the fact that regulators knew.

These stories have definitely made me think WTF is going on with our food? These are the reasons that you should start to grow some of your own food and source it locally from farmers markets or CSAs.

What WTF food stories have you seen lately?


  • Anonymous

    I think the article is about plastic bows of rice….

  • Pogo199

    Do you mean plastic bows for hair?

  • Mike Lieberman


  • Spirit Horse Herbals

     WTF is RIGHT!!! Sweet idea!

  • Mike Lieberman

    Hahha. Thanks.

  • Greyinthedark

    W.O.W. hope there is more to come. These are things we should all be aware of.

  • Lori Alper

    Great round-up Mike. Somehow I missed the plastic rice story. Seriously? How could that be?? Looking forward to more….

  • Elizabeth

    All the stories are scary.  Saw all but the plastic rice on GRIST, I think.  There was a show on TV about the garbage situation in China and how they are inundated and there are just huge dumps everywhere.  The garbage trucks go around the neighborhoods multiple times a day , every day of the week.  Another show told of China’s building craze for malls, apartments etc that no one can afford to live in or to shop at.

  • Mike Lieberman

    Most def. Craziness.

  • Mike Lieberman

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if we start to find plastic rice making it’s way to the states…

  • Mike Lieberman

    It’s all just nutty.

  • Lfond

    When I saw your face, I howled with laughter. Where can I press the like button again? Keep on saying the truth man. Loving it!

  • SherryGreens

    What is in the food anyway?  We put so much trust that the government regulates stuff, but how can they check it all, nobody really knows what is in there.  You are right – grow it yourself or get it from someone who grows it that you trust.  If everyone did that we would be in a way different situation.

  • Mike Lieberman

    You certainly can press it again. Hahaha. Glad you likes and could bring a smile to your face.

  • Mike Lieberman

    And the economy would shift greatly…

  • island girl

    Excellent work!  Thank you, thank you!  Absolutely love your site!!

  • Mike Lieberman

    Word. Glad we could connect.

  • Jessica Stovall

    Wow.  This is just scary.

  • Jessica Stovall

    This is just flat out scary.

  • Mike Lieberman

    Pretty much so.